Scratch Animation

Do you want your kids to learn to code?

This FREE guide will give you a step by step introduction for you to work with your child on their first programming project. They will learn coding by creating an Animation or Game with Scratch.

  • ​Credibility: We have been teaching coding to kids for 5 years.
  • AuthorityI have a computer science degree and a 20 year career in IT.
  • Benefit: Your kids will have the basics of coding after this course.


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Automated watering systems

Contribute to environmental sustainability by using only the water necessary for your garden. Our system minimizes water wastage, making your garden eco-friendly.

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About Me

Jaime Schmidt

Jaime and her son Arthur created the Makers Guild to have a community of people who love to make things and learn about technology at the same time.    Crossing the arts with computing and even gardening.

  • We love to make things
  • Jaime has worked in IT for over 20 years.
  • ​You will finish projects you've been meaning to get to