Simplifying Life with AI: Meet the Tool That Breaks Tasks into Easy Steps

Saturday, September 02, 2023

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In a world where complexity often reigns, we all yearn for simplicity.  This AI tool "Magic Todo" ( splits up a Todo item into the steps you need to accomplish the task.   

Type in a job;   Hit the "🌶 Spiciness level 🌶" chilli to set how hard or stressful you find it.  Tasks are given a category and can be filtered.

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I gave it a go with my next task about adding our net worth calculations into Xero.

There's some other cool tools from the same site including:
🌶️ Judge that decides the tone of a piece of text.   
🌶️ Estimator to guess how long things will take. 
🌶️ Formalizer that helps improve text in a more formal way.
🌶️ Compiler allows users to brain dump a bunch of tasks and it'll turn them into the todo list.
🌶️ Chef Add ingredients and it'll suggest some meals.

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