ChatGPT vs Bard

Saturday, August 26, 2023


✅ Fast responses.

✅ ChatGPT has an API for developers.

✅ ChatGPT retains previous conversations.

❌ ChatGPT has bulky text responses.

✅ ChatGPT uses OpenAI's GPT-3.5.

❌ ChatGPT GPT-4 is only available in the paid version -- ChatGPT Plus.

❌ ChatGPT's sources end with 2021 data, so it is limited on newer research and information.

✅ ChatGPT generates a human-like response with a wide range of text types, including news articles, and reviews.

✅ ChatGPT performs better at generating ideas and creative content.

✅ ChatGPT understands context and handle complex topics.

❌ ChatGPT sometimes struggles to maintain context over long conversations or provide satisfactory responses to ambiguous queries.

❌ ChatGPT has biases and misinformation present.

✅ ChatGPT has a far more extensive list of integrations and plugins on offer.

✅ ChatGPT is more focused on writing tasks.

✅ ChatGPT is becoming a market leader in business AI software providing open source AI driven software for companies.


✅ Fast responses.

✅ Bard has an API for developers.

❌ Bard does not retain previous conversations.

✅ Bard uses Google’s newest language model -- PaLM 2.

✅ Bard continually draws information from the internet, so it has the latest information.

✅ Bard’s responses have more formatted text and are easier to read.

✅ Bard offers multiple responses to a prompt.

✅ Bard generally provides a better user experience.

✅ Bard is more helpful when answering specific questions.

✅ Bard excels in handling specific questions or factual content.

❌ Bard’s responses uses Google’s  knowledge base and returns more accurate and relevant information.

✅ Bard seems to excel in handling the intricacies of complex topics.

❌ Bard has biases and misinformation present.

❌ Bard isn't integrated with Google Search.

✅ Bard is primarily built for research purposes.

So who wins?  Bard or ChatGPT?

  • Both Bard and ChatGPT are really impressive tools.
  • ​Just watch out for the limitations and the misinformation and biases.
  • ​ChatGPT is definitely more popular.

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