What's in ChatGPT Plus?

Thursday, August 24, 2023

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A review and demo of ChatGPT

ChatGPT Plus costs about USD $20/month which is at least AUD $30/month.  That's quite a lot of money, every single month. What exactly do you get for this outlay?

Useful Plugins, Faster access  

  • Access to GPT-4, or whatever is the latest version of the tool
  • ​Faster response speed compared to the non paid version.
  • ​Exclusive access to Plugins, Browsing and Code Interpreters.

How to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus 

  • Sign in to your OpenAI account.
  • ​Click on the 'Upgrade to Plus' button.
  • ​Click "Upgrade Plan" on pop-up.
  • ​Complete purchase.

Are ChatGPT Plugins Free?

Most ChatGPT plugins are free, but you’ll need a paid subscription to ChatGPT Plus to use them. This is because plugins are a feature of ChatGPT-4, which is available immediately on a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

How do I install a ChatGPT Plugin

  • Have the paid subscription to ChatGPT
  • ​Log in to the platform and click on your name to the bottom left of your screen to find the Settings option.
  • ​Ensure the Chat History & Training option is toggled on under ‘Settings’ or else the option to add a plugin will not show.   Menu is ‘Settings’ > ‘Data Control’ > ‘Chat History & Training.’

    ChatGPT states it may send parts of your conversation and the country or state you're in to the plugin to enhance your conversation.

  • ​Head to Beta Features and ensure the Plugins option is toggled on.  'Settings' > 'Beta Features' > Plugins toggle.
  • Now navigate to the GPT-4 option at the top of the screen to bring up a dropdown menu and click on ‘Plugins’ to enable the feature. You’ll now see a text dropdown that says ‘No plugins enabled.’
  • ​Click on the No Plugins Enabled message followed by Plugin Store.
  • ​If it’s your first time visiting the store, you may see an information box pop up: About Plugins. You can choose to read now, but it can always still be accessed on the store to the bottom right of its screen.
  • ​You can now proceed to the Plugin store to search and add any plugins you’re interested in by hitting the Install button. Repeat this process to add new plugins.
  • ​Exit the screen by clicking on X and you should now see a series of icons beneath the GTP-4 tab. The plugins have been successfully added.

Video about ChatGPT Plugins

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Top ChatGPT Plugins

  • Ask your PDF - helps users read through and extract valuable insights from their PDFs.  Upload your document via the Ask Your PDF website. Then enter your prompt or question in ChatGPT-4 followed by the doc ID of the uploaded file.
  • ​Webpilot - allows users to provide a URL and make requests for interacting with, extracting specific information, or modifying the content from the URL.   
    “Can you summarize this page? [insert link]"
  • Show me Diagrams​ -  Show Me Diagrams allows users to create and edit diagrams inside ChatGPT. 
    “Can you make a diagram of the family tree of Henry VIII?”
  • ScholarAI Search over 40M peer reviewed scientific papers and PDFs and uncover extracts from recent research. “Give me extracts on the latest research on heart disease.”
  • PromptPerfect -  

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