Five prompts to try in ChatGPT

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Making Creative Technology Together/Five prompts to try in ChatGPT

Try these five prompts on ChatGPT to demo what it can do

  • Cinematic Descriptions
    Describe a bustling night market in a foreign city 
    using vivid language that appeals to all five senses. Capture the atmosphere, aromas, sounds, and emotions of the scene to immerse the reader in the setting. Personalized Learning Experiences
  •       ​ Personalized Learning Experiences
    Imagine you're a virtual tutor. Explain the concept of electricity to a primary school student who loves dancing but struggles with science, using creative analogies and relatable examples.

Five Prompts To Try  On ChatGPT Demo

  •        Suggestions as a list
    You are an art teacher. Suggest five projects a class of ten year olds could create with string.
  •       Alter the requirements
    Instead of string, use newspapers and please suggest projects for the next three Tuesday one hour classes and show the results in a table
  •        Debating Opposing Views
    Argue for both sides of the ethical dilemma surrounding autonomous vehicles: one side emphasizing the potential for reducing accidents, and the other side emphasizing the concerns about job loss and ethical decision-making.

ChatGPT Demo Prompts

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